Monthly Lunch Reports

Wednesday 4th March 2020

The Club held its monthly Meeting at the Britannia Inn on Wednesday 4th March. Following a lovely lunch our Chairman Phil Simpson introduced our speaker, Rev Dr David Hart, a Methodist Minister within the St. Austell Circuit, who is also an Organist and he spoke to us on the subject of “The view from the loft-Travails of a Church Organist”.
Rev David told us that he started his musical training in his school days when he used to play on a Steinway Grand Piano and his tutor told him it was about time he started to learn the Church Organ. From this Rev David developed a great interest in organ training and playing which continued through his College days and into adult life. As an organist he was invited to play a very special organ in Germany, a Gottfried Silbermann ( Baroque Master Organ Builder) organ which of course was a great thrill. David told us that althoughchurch pipe organs are predominantly a mechanical device, these days there are many electronic devises installed with them to actuate the various stops for registration, enabling significant numbers of sounds to be created. Rev David went on to say how different it is these days from when organs had to be hand blown, prior to electric blowers being installed. Rev David also said he had had the privilege to play a rebuilt organ in Dresden following a rebuild of a significant Church. There were many amusing incidents that had happened over the years including brides being so late that chosen music had to be played more than once. Rev David played part recordings of several of his favourite pieces including the very difficult Widor’s Toccata from his 5th Symphony as chosen by Princess Margaret at her wedding, and so many more Brides have chosen it for their weddings since. Rev David went on to say about the famous Organ Builder Company in this Country, the Father Willis Organ Co. The organ in the Royal Albert Hall is a Father Willis as is the one in Truro Cathedral.
Member Jeff Blake gave a vote of thanks and there was a time for questions. Club Chairman Phil Simpson presented Rev David with a cheque for £50 for his chosen Charity, The Incorporated Musicians Society.

Wednesday 5th February 2020

Our monthly meeting was held at the Britannia Inn on 5th February and following lunch our Chairman Phil Simpson, introduced our speaker Mr Grahame Mace, who is now a Police civilian expert on Cyber Crime, part of the Digital Capabilities Unit, Intelligence Directorate of the Cornwall & Devon Police. Grahame explained that he was a retired Metropolitan Police Detective Inspector who had spent a considerable part of his career investigating Fraud and Cyber Crime. All Police forces work together through from Local Forces to Regional Crime Units to National Crime Units. Cyber Crime falls in to one of two categories, either Cyber Dependent, meaning it is direct on Computer or similar equipment, or Cyber Enabled, more traditional crimes increased in scale by use of Computers.
Grahame went on to explain that Cyber Dependent is often multi offences at one time, offender not present at scene and is generally low risk with high reward. Because of its nature it is often not well publicised by the Press. Cyber Enabled, more traditional crimes often leave trails to follow, are one at a time and so are probably higher risk with lower reward.These days we have many pieces of equipment linked to the internet and so good security through passwords are vital. Think of computers, laptops, TV’s, Alexa’s, house security, house heating, printers, watches and many others are linked to the internet and so can be easily compromised if not fully protected and very importantly, can all be compromised by hackers once in to any one piece of equipment. Therefore it is vital to ensure strong passwords are developed and maintained and should be a minimum of fifteen characters having higher & lower case letters, numbers and marks. They should also be changed regularly. Care should be taken with “Phishing” where false email requests are received from bogus addresses, check carefully before opening and delete without opening if in doubt. When purchasing online be sure you are confident with the supplier, do not trust just because there is a padlock sign or HTTPS sign, check it out first. Grahame finished his talk by giving three important pieces of advice, Get the Basics Right, Education is Key and Build on Capability.A time for questions was given when there were several interesting topics asked about. Our Chairman then invited Club Member Jonathan Church to give a vote of thanks & Grahame was presented with a cheque for £50 for his chosen Charity, A D&C Police Charity.

Friday 3rd January 2020

The Club held its January Meeting at the Britannia Inn on Friday 3rd January 2020 when following a superb lunch our Chairman Phil Simpson, introduced one of our own members John Dearing, as our speaker for the day. John had spent his career in the Insurance Industry world, so the title of his talk was very aptly “The Only Certainty in Life”. John opened by saying that we live in a nice part of the world and enjoy one of the finest Health Care systems in the world, so his talk would be a “Lighthearted Look at Mortality”, the Science of Life Expectancy. A few whimsical saying such as “Death is the Worlds No 1 Killer”, Many folk have played competitive sport so the memory says “The older we get the better we were”, but actually “The older we get the better we are”.
John asked the membership what they thought the official average life expectancy in the world currently is as published by the United Nations, the answer being 72.Also, the prediction for World Population which is currently 7.8 Billion will rise to 11 Billion by the year 2100 but will then level out for the future beyond that year.At a World Leaders Conference Forum in Davos a few years ago the question was asked of the delegates, “How many of the world’s 1-year olds were or would be vaccinated, the answer being a surprisingly high 80%. This supports the statistic that in the year 1800 world life expectancy was 31, whereas now it is 72, proving that world living standards are continuing to improve and vaccination plays a significant role in achieving this. Currently in the U.K. life expectancy for men is 79 and 83 for women. All this data, and much more, such as living locations and lifestyles are used by the Insurance Industry when making decisions on risk, and ultimately on premium costs for life insurance. A question time followed and then Chairman Phil Simpson thanked John for his very interesting talk & presented him with a cheque for £50 for his chosen charity, Sarcoma U.K., the charity dear to John and his family.

Wednesday 4th December 2019

Our monthly Meeting was held at the Britannia Inn on 4th December with a festive lunch, which was much enjoyed. Following the meal our Chairman Phil Simpson presented the staff of the Britannia Inn with a Club Gratuity given by the members to thank them all for the very fine way they have looked after us during the year. Phil also presented our guest, Jimmy James, with a cheque for his chosen charity, Bodmin and Wenford Railway. Jimmy was to be our speaker on this subject at the meeting but due to a very unexpected circumstance when one of our Club members was taken seriously ill, it became obvious that it was not possible for Jimmy to give his presentation. However, Jimmy has agreed to come at a later date in our year to give his presentation.
Our raffle for this Christmas meeting raised a profit of £75.07 and we thank our Club Members for their support at all our meetings.
Members are reminded that the next meeting will be on FRIDAY 3rd January 2020.

Wednesday 6th November 2019

Following our monthly Lunch at the Britannia Inn when there were 45 members present, the Club held their 49th A.G.M. led by our Secretary John Dearing. There were 7 apologies for absence and once approval of the previous years Minutes were unanimously agreed andpassed with no Matters Arising, John asked outgoing Chairman Jonathan Church to give his Chairman’s Report. Jonathan said that he felt the year had passed quickly and was grateful to all the speakers that had made the monthly meetings so interesting. Jonathan also thanked everyone for their support during the year and his Committee who had worked hard to ensure the Club has maintained its fine reputation. There were to be six members who would retire as Committee members this year, namely Derek Archer, Graham Bulkeley, David Honey, Keith Lintern, John Lobb and Richard Wallis. Jonathan thanked them all for their many years of service on the Committee. New Committee members have been recruited this year, namely Mark Bardsley, George Miller and Terry Retallick. John Dearing then asked Gary Truscott, our new Treasurer, to read the report prepared by retiring Treasurer Mike Hackney, who will stay as a Committee member. Mike reported that the Club had had a successful year financially and thanked his colleagues Keith Lintern and Gary Truscott for their help. There would be no need to increase membership subscriptions this year.John Dearing then gave his Secretary’s report noting the fine quality of food that we enjoy on a monthly basis and our gratitude to the staff. He also thanked Jonathan for his leadership as Chairman during the year and the wonderful camaraderie of the membership.
John said that the Club had its first meeting on 1st July 1970 at the Clifden Grill Restaurant when there were an initial 24 members and the meal cost 70p (14 Shillings).It is intended for the Club to celebrate its 50th Anniversary on 1st July 2020 when our Ladies will join us for Lunch when there will be special celebration events taking place. Membership Secretary Richard Wallis then advised that we currently have 61 members and we will always consider new applications for membership. Richard advised that Derek Archer had received an Honorary Membership of the Club in recognition of his work as he moved away to another part of the Country to live. George Turnbull receives Life Membership as he reaches the age of 90.
Lunch Secretary Hugh Walker then gave his report thanking everyone for following the correct procedures for ordering their lunches in advance which was a great help to him. John Dearing then advised the names of the future Committee & this was unanimously agreed. John then formalised the Installation of the new Chairman Phil Simpson by asking outgoing Chairman Jonathan to pass the Chain of Office to Phil. Phil then presented Jonathan with his past Chairman’s badge and presented Hugh with the Deputy Chairman’s Medal as he takes up this role. Phil then gave his Chairman’s Address by thanking John Dearing for organising the A.G.M. and thanking Jonathan Church for his exemplary service and leadership during the year. Phil went on to say that our 50th year would be very special and we would celebrate it accordingly. Speakers for next year were already agreed & there would be an eclectic range of interesting topics to look forward to.Following this Phil thanked everyone for their support and after a short A.O.B. we had the Probus Toast and concluded the meeting.

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